ISO 14001 certification sets out the criteria for an environmental
management system and can be certified to.If an organization is already ISO certified,the implementation of ISO 14001 does not take as long.

An environmental management system creation, implementation, maintenance and improvement of the organization declared by the environmental policy and legislation in force compliance with the terms refers to. ISO 14001 EMS Development in 1973 and the European Union policy I. Action plans have published (environmental protection measures to put into practice) in 1992, BS 7750 Standard 1992 Rio Declaration in 1993 by the ISO 14000 family of standards for developing ISO / TC 207 Environmental Management Technical Committee was established in 1994 TS 9719 standard(Environmental Management Systems – General Properties) first publication – ISO 14001-1996 revision-ISO 14001-2004 ISO 14001 EMS Benefits Legislation compliance with environmental performance enhancing international competitive advantage of the reputation and market share increasing productivity, improving emergency being prepared against Pollution From beginning to control and reduce the input materials and energy-saving provision to facilitate the acquisition of permits and authorizations.


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