ISO 22000:2005  Of the food to the ultimate consumer safe transportation, to food security threats to control the ability of a food safety management system by planning, applying, maintaining and, if necessary, updating products by use of safe for the consumer, do not make well as statutory and regulatory food security requirements compliance refers to. ISO 22000 FSMS Development 1963 World Health Organization (WHO) Codex Alimentarius’ HACCP principles to be released, in 1985 the U.S. National Academy of Sciences of food safety to ensure the food business premises HACCP approach the adoption of the necessary recommendation in the presence, June 14, 1993 – HACCP ‘s 93/43/EEC “Foodstuffs Hygiene” directive legally with European Union law of the country to the entry, 1996 in Europe all food industry applications need to become a legal obligation to be brought, 16 NOVEMBER 1997 As of the Turkish Food Codex and food industry HACCP practices became mandatory, February 20, 1998 – Danish DS 3027/1998 HACCP standard release, First Published: September 1, 2005 ISO 22000:2005 ISO 22000 FSMS Benefits Regulatory compliance, consumer food safety-related requests to be met, Export-friendliness, Reducing the risk of product recalls, employees’ awareness about hygiene and food safety, food poisoning and reducing the risk of death, the improvement of the working environment, ensuring customer confidence and satisfaction, reduction of losses.


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