Welding Quality Assurance defines quality requirements for welding both in workshops and on site, and is appropriate when demonstration of a manufacturer’s capability to produce welded construction in accordance with specified criteria is required; it can also be used as the basis for assessing a manufacturer’s welding quality arrangements. The properties of welded products cannot be confirmed by testing alone, assurance is gained by controlling the production process. If the welding production processes are controlled in accordance with ISO 3834 it is recognised that the quality of the welds in the final product will meet the specified criteria.The Scheme operated by the Certification Body for the
certification of a company’s welding activities in accordance with ISO 3834.Person recognized by the Certification Body as an
experienced specialist in a specific welding field or trained and qualified to the level of I/EWE or equivalent, or to the level of I/EWT or equivalent to provide specialist welding technical support within the ISO 3834 Audit Team.


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